Which Kilimanjaro route will you choose?

There are 6 Kilimanjaro routes to choose from. Each has its own distinct features and offers you a unique experience. You may, like we did, find the prospect of choosing the right Kilimanjaro route a daunting one, but we hope that the information on this website will enable you to choose the best route to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for you.

Our Mount Kilimanjaro treks cover all of the six official routes and are available by joining one of our small group treks for up to eight people, or by creating your own custom Kilimanjaro trek. The Kilimanjaro route that you choose should be the route that will give you the greatest chance of reaching the summit. If you have experience of being at altitude, or are considering climbing Mount Meru before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro then you could select one of the shorter Kilimanjaro routes. However if this is your first time climbing at altitude then you should select one of the seven, or eight day treks.

Compare the Kilimanjaro Routes

The six official routes on Mount Kilimanjaro are;

We offer treks on the Lemosho, Machame and Rongai routes as small group treks; allowing you to join other people and make new friends by choosing one of the planned treks for up to eight people. You can also choose any of the six Kilimanjaro routes to create your own private trek. The group size can be for one person to thirty people, or even more! You can customise your whole trip; choose the route, the date you climb, how many nights accommodation you require, private airport transfer, it’s all up to you. 

Why not have a look at our routes overview page to see which Kilimanjaro route is right for you, if you are still unsure which route to choose, then get in touch; we are here to help you plan the ultimate Kilimanjaro climbing experience.

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