Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance

You must ensure that you have adequate travel insurance for your Kilimanjaro trek; you should also check that the policy covers you for high altitude climbing and trekking. We recommend that you make copies of your policy and keep one copy with you at all times.

Your travel insurance policy should include cover for the following;

  • Cancellation and curtailment
  • Medical expenses including; rescue and repatriation
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Personal luggage and possessions
  • Personal accident
  • Personal liability and legal expenses

Holiday insurance policies that include cover for trekking over 4000m

There are many insurance companies that offer policies that include high altitude insurance and will cover you for climbing Kilimanjaro, here are some of the policies we found that offer this type of cover:

Dogtag – SPORT+ insurance policy; which has three levels of cover. 

Snowcard – Activity level 3 insurance policy; which has four levels of cover. 
British Mountaineering Council – Trek insurance policy; covers Kilimanjaro but not Umbwe route. (This does require BMC or BMC affiliated club membership).

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