Guide and Porter Tips

It has become customary to tip your guides and porters after completing your Kilimanjaro trek; however this is a tip and is not obligatory. All our guides and porters receive a basic wage, so any tips that you choose to give your Guides and porters are in addition to their wages and should be based on the overall performance of the staff and not whether you actually managed to summit.

Below is a guide for how much you may wish to tip your staff; these are based on a daily total paid by the group per staff member, tips can be in US dollars, TZ Shillings or a combination of these.

  • Guide: $15
  • Assistant guide: $10
  • Cook: $10
  • Porter: $7

If you are unhappy with the service you have received from your guides and porters, please inform Climb Kilimanjaro, or a member of the management team immediately. Also do not discuss any tips on the mountain or agree to pay any money until you return to the hotel, where you can meet with your Guide to hand out any tips that you feel are appropriate.

The number of staff that you will have depends on the route chosen and number of days on the mountain; however a typical trek will have (per 4 persons); 1 guide, 1 assistant guide, 1 cook, 1 waiter and 9 porters.
In addition to any monetary tips; items of clothing, equipment and footwear are also highly valued by the staff and would be gratefully received.

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